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Our Classes

Major Mondays: Each week we help you kick off strong, with a big focus on strengthening the key pillars of your body…your legs, back and chest. We drop the cardio PITT and focus on the major muscle groups through the rest.  Walk out of class knowing you have put in a solid start to the week.  35 seconds on, 25 seconds off.


Tabata Tuesday: Why? Because Tabata training increases your cardio threshold and the short, high intensity bursts, with little rest time, encourages fat burn.  Run through each exercise 6 times with 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off.  This is all about a high calorie burn to shred away those weekend naughties.  That’s how we like it!


BLT Wednesdays: This is not a mid-week cheat meal, this is a mid week Booty, Legs and Tummy session.  To be more specific, Wednesdays focuses on Glutes, Legs and Core, running through all 4 PITT’s.  Our exercises will deliver a cracking session for both the girls and the lads giving you that strong rump and killer abs.  40 seconds of focus and 20 seconds off.


Thirty Thursdays! A weights day focus (ladies, you need this too) to build power and muscular strength. Not only does this build lean muscle mass, and higher muscle mass, it also means you will burn more calories during the day.  We drop the cardio PITT and go for 30 seconds of lifting and 30 seconds rest.


FOMO Friday: Our coaches will be setting you mini challenges for every exercise.  Its called EMOM,  Every Minute, On the Minute, where a set target of reps or calories burned is the target.  The quicker you get there, the longer you can rest.  1min rounds all the way through each PITT, for a total of 36 rounds.


Saturated Saturdays: is our end of the week sweat sesh!  We bring together some of the best exercises you loved from the week, with a combination of new ones, and mash them together to give you the ultimate workout to start your weekend right.  45 seconds of sweat with 15 seconds of dancing to the beats.


Smooth Sundays: We train hard all week, so now it’s time to stretch and recover.  This is a stretch and mobility session to help get your body ready for another great week of training