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Think you will fall in love with us but need to check us out more first?  Fair enough!


Take advantage of our FREE 7 Day Trial.  Check out what every day has to offer, get your head around training in The PITT, meet our amazing coaches, experience our unique programming and feel yourself getting fitter and stronger.


When the time is right you will say goodbye to constant burpees and copy cat brands, and hello The PITT


This is The PITT’s version of a free pass.  You will get a One-on-One session with one of our PITT Masters to go over our unique programming, take you through a pre-exercise screening to set your goals and check on any injuries or health issues.  At the same time we pre-book you into your classes for the week so that you become accountable, while experience it all first hand..for FREE!

PITT Membership

No other boutique gym brand provides two amazing reasons to join – a dual membership for the one price.


At The PITT, not only does your membership give you unlimited access to amazing classes that are totally different to any other class-based gym, but also access to the studio outside of class times.


Missed a class?  No problem, you can run through it yourself as the circuit stays out on the floor and the TV’s guide you through.


Want to do something different?  Also no problem, come into the studio and do your own session just like you would at the gym.


Just $50 a week.


How can you say no!

PITT 10 pack

The PITT 10 pack is a great way to keep The PITT in your life if you just don’t quite have the time to commit to a full membership.  You still get to experience any of the amazing classes, select and choose whichever class suits you, whenever you like.



6 weeks in total to use your 10 pack to ensure you still see some benefits in the training.  Makes a great gift too for friends and family that love their health and fitness or are looking to get back into it

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Week FREE Trial
One-on-One with PITT Master
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Pre-exercise screening
Any classes for the week
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$50 per Week
On-going membership
3 month contract
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4 weeks notice to cancel
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Open Gym: 8:30am - 5pm
PITT 10 Pack
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10 class pack
Come check us out
6 weeks to use the pack
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The PITT has been born out of a necessity to shake up the class-based gym industry.  There are too many copy cats, doing the same thing, just with a different logo, scaling to make money and not putting the members first.


The core of our belief is that the body will only change when it needs to adapt, and that means training across multiple components of fitness (while constantly changing the exercises) to ensure the body has to keep guessing – adapting.


By training in our PITTs you will expose yourself to 7 major components of fitness, with exercises that make you adapt, and therefore change.  Burpees in every class is just lazy programming.  Our promise to you is to shake things up and that by following our PITT programming your body will finally see the change its been looking for.


This is the philosophy of our whole team and all our PITT Masters

Beginners, knows how to ‘gym’ type, or crazy about health and fitness.  Male or Female.  Young or a silver fox.  It doesn’t matter…


Training in The PITT is suitable for everyone as the programming is based as much about how much you put in and your level of capability as anything else.  Each exercise can be modified, a different weight selected, made easier or harder.  Our dedicated PITT Masters are there to support you, where ever you are on the fitness scale.


So don’t be shy, just come try